Remix: ‘Everything’s Alright’ – To The Moon

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I was hooked from the first listen of Laura Shigihara’s “Everything’s Alright” from the indie game To The Moon. Beautiful song, beautiful game. Please listen to the original song first!

I did a quick cover tonight, giving it a bit of an R&B ballad spin, complete with layers of background vocals. I took some liberties with the melody, changed the key, and did some chord substitution, but outside of that I stayed pretty true to the original. I also tried to keep it “pretty” in keeping with the original, though I don’t know successful I was at that.

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Link: “Everything’s Alright (Short Steps Mix)
Release Date: June 15, 2012
Original Name: Everything’s Alright
Game: To The Moon, PC, 2012
Composer: Laura Shigihara
Links: To The Moon official website
Equipment Used: Korg Kronos (internal sounds only, no plugins!), Done solely on a MacBook Air!, ME-1NV Great River preamp, Neumann TLM-49 mic


Short steps, deep breath
Everything’s alright
chin up, I can’t
step into the spotlight

she said…

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[...] always, you can download this full song and check out my other works at or on [...]

So tonight I discovered that I didn’t get a job that I put all my effort into applying for. I’ve been utterly depressed and devastated, but this song has helped to ease the pain. Unintended healing on your part, but thank you for covering this Dale, it’s made me feel less sucky.


Sounds awesome as always :)

Me and my Fiancée are getting married in 3 months, and if it is ok with you Mr. North we’d like to play your music there too.

Also, we both know this is a lot to ask, and we completely understand if you have no time nor interest to do this.


There is this one song, which my Fiancée would realy like to hear too, your version of this song in our wedding.

Once again, we understand completely if you can’t.

So, just do an arrangement of this? Sing it? I might could do it. email me if you can.

Yes exactly :) That’s what i meant, sing it. We tryed to email you but we can’t find your email address. But i found your destructoid private message section and sended something there :) .

And thank you if you can sing it, that would be more than great!

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