Remix: ‘Tomato Tomahtoh’ – Shenmue

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Do you remember the Tomato Convenience Store theme song from the Shenmue games on Sega Dreamcast? How could you forget it? It gets into your head and never leave.

I took the theme jingle, arranged it, wrote new lyrics for the vocals, and recorded it all. Think of it as a spiritual successor to my previous Shenmue mix, “Come to Bob’s Pizza,” which also had vocals.

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Link: “Tomato Tomahtoh
Release Date: January, 2012
Original Name: Tomato Convenience Store
Game: Shenmue, Sega Dreamcast, 2000
Composer: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
Links: Tomato Tomahtoh music video!
Equipment Used: Logic 9, Korg Kronos, Neumann TLM-49


Need some food for your cat
some capsule toys or some other shit?
I know just the place
It’s just up the road in the bad part of town, babe

The owner’s a freak
but that’s okay because they have
the greatest jingle that you ever heard

Come on in, shop at Tomato!

They got some snacks and batteries
doors automatic, doors automatic, automatic
They got the finest brand of cat food
Come on in, shop at Tomato!

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Nice :D ! Awesome beat indeed! When are we gonna hear more of your own production Mr. North ? More of those emotional songs ? Do you have any in production ? :)

I love this song! Heard it on YouTube several times, and now I’m actually downloading it, lol. Anyways, I’ve always been a fan of your work like I’ve told you before. I’ll be at the OneUp Studios BBQ in August, and I’m really looking forward to shaking your hand.

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