Remix: ‘Home Again’ – Earthbound

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This remix was my contribution to the Bound Together Earthbound remix project. It is a cover of the song “Pollyanna,” and has a surprise ending.

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Link: “Home Again
Release Date: October 2005
Original Name: “Pollyanna”
Game: Earthbound, Super Nintendo, 1994
Composer: Hirokazu Tanaka
Links: Overclocked Remix
Equipment Used: Sonar 4

Notes: “Home Again” is something I slapped together at the last minute for Joe Cam’s Bound Together. “Pollyanna” is a song I never wanted to tackle. Anyway, this was fun. I threw in a surprise and made sure it was loud as hell for surprise effect.

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Holy cow, Bound Together is my secret love. Is there any way to convince you to do a full vocal cover for the song? I was soooo sad when you cut off, because it was just soooo good!

I agree with Adam! You have such a great voice. I almost started crying when I heard this! However can we convince you to do a full-fledged Pollyanna cover? :) Excellent work!

I agree! I found this site because I was looking to see if you did release a full version. You have a great singing voice and the way you did the first verse of the song is the best version I have heard of Pollyanna period.

Hey! Haha this comment is just a tad late but… Good work as always. :) This song is the most amazing song EVER! I listened to it and i almost cried!!!

Keep up the good work~

is there any way to get sheet music for this song? I love it!

Darn, I just cried when I listened to this.
Thank you very much for making this awesome remix.

DALE! I adore you for this…thank you.

I agree with everyone. I really enjoyed this mix and would be totally psyched for a full vocal cover of the song. It’s just great.

This song never gets old to me. I have to agree with everybody that a full vocal cover of this song would be awesome!

Came across this by accident, loved every second, wanted to say it again: a complete vocal cover of this song with those magic pipes would only add more beauty to the world.

Love earthbound.. when I came across this song, I shed a manly tear. Awesome work Dale… a suggestion if I may…. DO A COMPLETE COVER!!!

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