Remix: ‘Wind Nocture’ or ‘The Boat Song’ – Lunar: Silver Star Story

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I’ve always loved Luna’s “boat song” from GameArts RPG Lunar: Silver Star Story. The cinema at that part of the game was so well placed, and it’s such a pretty song! I took the single verse and lyric right out of the game and did my own version, focusing on layered piano and bell parts over a string orchestra. The vocal starts out very soft and quiet, but builds as the song does.

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Link: “Wind Nocture — The Boat Song
Release Date: April 2, 2010
Original Name: “Wind’s Nocturne”
Game: Lunar: Silver Star Story, Sega CD
Composer: Noriyuki Iwadare
Equipment Used: Logic 9.1, AT 4047, Motif ES-8
: A little chord substitution never hurt anyone!

Wishing on a dream that seems far off
Hoping it will come today
Into the starlit night
Foolish dreamers turn their gaze
Waiting on a shooting star

What if that star is not to come
Will their dreams fade to nothing?
When the horizon darkens most
We all need to believe there is hope

Is an angel watching closely over me?
Can there be a guiding light I’ve yet to see?
I know my heart should guide me but
There’s a hole within my soul
What will fill this emptiness inside of me

Am I to be satisfied without knowing
I wish then for a chance to see
Now all I need,
Is my star to come…

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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, this boat song has brought me so many memories. It also gave me the courage to sing in front of people for the first time in my life. I owe so much to this song. It’s one of the best covers ever! <3

Good stuff, man. Nice to see you rocking the vocals. Was this track actually on the Sega CD version, though, or was it part of the Saturn/PSX releases?

You’re so great Dale! I loved this song from the game’s soundtrack! I sing it in the shower too, hehe. Love your voice and the changes you made to the vocal’s delivery. Hooray! Success and downloaded! ^_^;;

Dale vocals make me a happy man.

ur voice is soooo great!! i love it sooo much!!!
actually i used to listen to japanese version but from now on, i put ur version into my ipod n listen to it everyday!!!!!


I was going through some old music and I ran into some old songs that brought back some good times. :) “Home Again” and “Close Your Eyes”.. And so i decided i would google you and i came here! Woo woo!

I love this song, as expected.. Nothing short of amazing.

Keep up the good work Dalee! I love your voice! :)


AHHHH 1:51, your voice is so LOVELY, and this song is one of my video game classic favorites!!

Great song, great arrangements, great vocal :)

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