Sketch: ‘One Last Cry’

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I *tried* to cover one of Brian McKnight’s first hits, “One Last Cry.” I’m afraid I didn’t do a very good job. My version has its high points, but it has its low points too, and that’s mostly because the song has…well, high (pitch) points. I think the second verse and the bridge sound the best. Sorry, Brian. If anything, it was a good way to learn how to play the song.

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Link: “One Last Cry
Release Date: December 4, 2009
Original Name: “One Last Cry”
Equipment Used: Logic 9 Pro, Motif ES8, Shure SM7B, ME-NV1, Bosendorfer 290

NotesI’m sure I’ll redo this someday. Probably in a better key for me.

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My panties dropped

quite impressive. good work

You’re style is fantastic. are you totally underground or something? or do you have an actual label, if you did not, i will be very surprised.

Thanks for your music, I have loved your earthbound remix since it had come out. Earthbound is one of the most important games to me that i have played, making a lasting impression on my life, silly, it being a video game and all.

I wanted to request somethings seeing as you hadn’t done anything in a little while.

Arrange the song Yearnings of the Wind from Chrono Trigger.(with lyrics.)

Cover of Lost!,The Scientist or Lover’s in Japan. Or all of them.

these are less requests and more suggestions. but i hope you may possibly do one.

OMG! I really love this song!
Your version is sweet and softly…
I feel so happy. Thank you Dale!

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