Remix: ‘Love Potion’ – Rhythm Heaven

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This remix is my version of 恋の実験室 or “Laboratory of Love,” from the Rhythm Tengoku Gold soundtrack, better known as Rhythm Heaven in the US. The original song, by Japanese producer Tsunku, has no lyrics, so I thought it would be fun to create some of my own.

I imagined the song being about a boy in love with his lab partner in science class, taking a cue from the game’s visuals. Aside from singing the melody (poorly), I’m also performing all six harmony parts.

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Link: “Love Potion
Release Date: April 27, 2009
Original Name: 恋の実験室
Game: Rhythm Heaven, Nintendo DS, 2009
Composer: Tsunku
Links: Love Potion music video!
Equipment Used: Samplitude 10, Motif ES8, AT 4047 mic


I think I might possibly
be in love
love with the girl
from my science class (she’s so fine)

I know her and I
make a love potion so fine
that hearts float up above us
all the time (all the time)

I want her to do that funky dance we always do
I hope she likes my safety goggles
because the chemistry between us two
is made by throwing little bottles

Lab girl with green hair
throwing flasks up in the air
mixing love up just for me
while keeping perfect time
you’ll bag up these hearts of mine
with your rhythmic shaking motion
let’s mix up more of our love potion

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omggg. I thought you would never update your site again. :( I was secretly hoping for a new Christmas song at the end of last year, but nothing!

This is great. :)

I can’t stop listening to it. I’m on my third time :D

This is awesome!!


Thank you for this masterful rendition.

yes more Dale north music is awesome!

Great work as always!

I’m loving this song :)

Miss you Dale. Nice to see a new mix.

this is so amazing I think this is my 5th time listening to it today!

So cute mix!

where’s the download link?

How cute! I love this song.
Your talent is always amazing!

miss you too dale :( more dale north music is always a good thing


Have you a MIDI version of your “Laboratory of Love” (Rhythm Heaven) that I could purchase?

Hey Dale, could you post an instrumental version of your remix (no main vocals or harmonies)? I’m horrible at composing music myself, but I had written some lyrics for the love potion song and your remix would be the perfect music for it!

Please email me if you find the time!


がんばってね!! (ganbatte ne!)
i like how you put your lyrics on the melody. it may be possible to ask Tsunku san to be in his production company!! have you sent any of your works? i think he’ll like your Mario’s Christmas too!

there is a UK girl released a CD in Japan last year. she is originally from youtube and was found by japanese peoples who say she is so cute.

Thank you for the nice moment with your sounds

* it may be possible to ask Tsunku san to let you be in his production company*
I’m sorry for my mistake!gomen nasai!w

I love it, thanks for the lyrics!

thanks for the song!! If you can, put any instrumental version please… it’s beautiful!!!!!!!!

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