Remix: ‘Legend of Zelda 2002′ – The Legend of Zelda

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This was the first work under the OneUp Studios name. Mustin and I wanted to do something big, and we ended up with a 12-minute long audio drama with 11 arranged Zelda songs, voice acting, and sound effects.

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Link: “Legend of Zelda 2002
Release Date: January 1, 2002
Original Name: various
Game: The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo Entertainment System, 1987
Composer: Koji Kondo
Equipment Used: My voice.
: The girl voices? Those are all me!

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This is da awesome! Wheee! ^_^

I love how Mustin says: “Well, I’m going to do what I always do and go getter.” The hint of smartalic is great. And your voices are so cute!

I wonder if JoeCam’s mom would still think of you as a tall, built, black man, before meeting you, if she had heard these cutesy songs! haha-oh wait…maybe she DID! O.o

hmmmm interesting… didnt like the talking parts….. ok at best..

HAHAHA! Completely forgot about the Gato part!

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